• Colin Robertson (Chicago)

    Guiding Fixed-Market Investments With Northern Trust

    As executive vice president of Northern Trust Asset Management in Chicago, Colin Robertson manages nearly 70 employees spanning Chicago, London, and Bangalore offices. He engages closely with external clients and partners within the firm in positioning his team in the fixed income markets. Interest rate trends are critical to fixed income investing and Colin Robertson is happy to give quotes concerning his views in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.


    Mr. Robertson completed his bachelor’s degree at Indiana University in business analysis. He subsequently pursued an MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management as an international management and finance dual major. He gained experience in his field with the Mellon Financial Corporation in Pittsburgh in the late 1990s. Joining his current firm in 1999 as director of short-term fixed income investments, he earned promotion to his present position in 2003.


    An avid reader on financial topics, Mr. Robertson stays abreast on current trends in the consumer and new product spheres. A specific focus is on identifying events that can have a significant effect on international and domestic US markets.

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